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In the begining, there was the idea.

The SNES[1] was one of the best consoles[2] ever. It not only had great games, but industry developed at a pace which allowed it to evolve to peaks that haven't been reached by other console[2] since.

One of those games was named Rise of the Phoenix, Kouryuuki in its japanese version. A very simple strategy game[3] where you chose one of two rulers, Xiang Yu[4] or Liu Bang[5], and tried to conquer China[6].

There were better strategy games[3], though. However, this was the first strategy game[3] I ever played, and introduced me to the chinese culture. And I thought, Wouldn't it be great if anybody could write a strategy game[3] about his or her own country, or about a fantasy world[7], and lend it to someone else to help him understand what you know?

And thus, Rise of the Legend development began.

How to achieve this?

At first I thought about building just a game. Of course, I had started too many projects to realize this wouldn't be easy. Instead of doing it the old way, I decided to use a few things taught at school, including UML[8].

At work, I also learned about design patterns[9]. I have always dismissed "pre-made solutions", but I found the patterns to be extremely good. Thus, the framework is developed with help of a UML[8] editor named ClassBuilder. The model generates the source code for the program, which is easily compiled thanks to the provided makefiles[10].

What is the plan?

First, I needed a design, and worked on it for a month.

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